How to keep skin and hair alive even in winter

How to keep skin and hair alive even in winter

How to keep skin and hair alive even in winter

Roughness on the skin and hair in winter. It is necessary to take care from the beginning of winter. Daily care will keep skin healthy and hair shiny.

Winter means skin, hair, hands, feet, and lips. Even if it is neglected throughout the year, you have to take a little more care of your skin during wintertime. Because at this time both skin and hair become rough. There is no substitute for taking extra care to get glowing skin and shiny hair in winter.

Afroza Parveen, a beauty specialist at Red Beauty Salon, said:
In the case of chapped lips, first of all, you have to ensure adequate fluid intake.
Then comes some external application. One day a week you can deeply cleanse the skin with the help of home packs. Mix half a cup of milk cream and one and a half tablespoons of turmeric paste with an adequate amount of rice powder. Massage and wash your face and body (do not massage for more than 30 minutes).
If you want, you can make a small amount just for the face). If the ankle is cracked more, before going to sleep, apply thick petroleum jelly and wear socks.

For facial skin

It is better not to use toner or astringent in winter.
1 tablespoon aloe vera gel as a toner and moisturizer,
1 tablespoon virgin coconut oil,
A quarter teaspoon of raw turmeric powder (sifted through a sieve) and
Blend or squeeze 2-3 drops of lemon juice (with a fork or beater).
If the skin is very dry, add 1 teaspoon of Vaseline. Take Vaseline in a small steel container.
Now place the pot in a relatively large hot water pot.
Vaseline will melt in the heat of hot water. When adapted to the skin
This mixture can be applied throughout the winter. Can be kept in glass jars.

If the skin is oily in nature, 1 teaspoon of orange juice once a week,
1 tablespoon besan or sandalwood powder or Multani soil, A mixture of 1 tablespoon rose water or sour yogurt and 3 teaspoons, of honey, Apply on the face, and wash off after 20-25 minutes.

If you are allergic to any of the beauty products Refrain from applying them to the face or body. Apply a small amount before starting any application, If it reacts, keep it with cold sour curd for a while.

For hair:
Massage the oil before shampooing (at least 10 minutes before).
Take 1 teaspoon of fenugreek powder with the same amount of mango powder
Chlorophyll powder (sifting each powder through a sieve).
1 cup sour yogurt, 1 egg, and 2 tablespoons coconut oil
You can blend with these ingredients. After 1 hour apply on scalp and hair, one day a week. After application with cellophane paper or shower cap
You can cover your head. Wash off in 30 minutes.

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Understand the need before blending the pack Rahima Sultana suggested adding something more.
For example, if you have hair loss problems, mix 2 tablespoons of henna leaves.
If you have dandruff, take 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. If rough-dry hair or
If the chemical is applied to the hair, mix half a cup of aloe vera pulp in the mixture.

This time keep the moisturizer in the bag all the time. No matter how dusty and dry you are, take care of your skin. If you take care of your skin and hair from the beginning of winter, you will get positive results at the end of winter.

Clean skin:
Use massage cream instead of soap or a body washer.
For normal and dry skin you can mix an equal amount of massage cream and virgin coconut oil. For sunburned skin, add 2 drops of lemon juice. For very dry skin also 1-2 drops of lemon juice should be added.
Normal and oily skin can be cleaned with a mixture of 1 tablespoon of milk, half a tablespoon of honey, and 1-2 drops of lemon juice.

Manicure-pedicure at home

Manicure and pedicure need to be done every week at home. The nails of the hands and feet should be cut to the desired shape and the nail cream should be applied. Then mix shampoo, a little salt, and a little lemon juice in hot water and soak your hands and feet for 10 minutes.
Wipe hands and feet with a towel and massage again with cream for a while.
Dirt and dead cells accumulated at the base of the nail should be scrubbed off.
Then make a paste of Multani soil, honey, and rose water and apply it on hands and feet After 15 minutes, rinse with water. Wipe hands and feet and apply moisturizer.
In addition, you can add vitamin E capsules with rose moisturizer on chapped skin – How to keep skin and hair alive even in winter.

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