I visited Food Lion for the first time, and the grocery store is truly a coupon lover’s dream

I visited Food Lion for the first time, and the grocery store is truly a coupon lover’s dream

I visited Food Lion for the first time.Rachel Askinasi/Insider

  • Food Lion is known for reliably offering incredible arrangements on an assortment of food.
  • While on a new excursion to South Carolina, I went to look at what this grocery store resembled.
  • I was intrigued by the number of deals and the assortment of items.

Food Lion, a supermarket possessed by Ahold Delhaize USA with areas in 10 Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic states, focuses on moderateness, newness, and local area commitment, as per the organization’s site.

Shopping for food is likely one of my cherished exercises. I love investing energy in the produce area and filtering the various walkways for fixings that move me. Part of the fun, as I would like to think, is investigating various stores and markets in any place I go.

So on a new excursion to Charleston, South Carolina, I invested some energy strolling the passageways of Food Lion to see what it resembled.

I promptly saw how open the enormous space was.

There was such a lot of floor space.Rachel Askinasi/Insider

With tall roofs and heaps of floor space among areas and paths, this Food Lion area felt like a genuine general store rather than simply a supermarket.

I didn’t see anybody attempting to get their truck past another client’s (something I see and experience myself a ton in New York), and there was plentiful space for checkout lines to frame.

It was difficult to miss the wealth of offers gives posted all up the store.

It appeared as though everything was stamped down.Rachel Askinasi/Insider

Every passageway was put with yellow-and-red deal signs in numbers too high to even think about counting. From the organization’s site, I realized that it was enthusiastic about moderateness, however, these recently affirmed that they set up that worth as a regular occurrence.

Strolling through the dry merchandise paths, I saw there was a ton of assortment in brands and things on offer.

There were so many at-home baking treats to pick from.Rachel Askinasi/Insider

I’m not used to seeing seven racks extending practically the whole length of a long merchant walkway loaded up with at-home baking blends. Usually, at the smaller stores, I visit, it’s just a few rows that are maybe five or six boxes wide.

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This choice was overpowering in the most effective way, and they appeared to have a lot of each blend in stock.

This continued into things like tidbits, macintosh and cheddar, and even pureed tomatoes.

I counted something like nine brands of sauce noticeable in this photograph alone.Rachel Askinasi/Insider

The racks were completely supplied with in excess of nine distinct brands. From marinara to vodka sauce, mixes that included garlic, and ones that highlighted spices, customers had a lot to browse.

I additionally saw that Rao’s (which is one of my cherished jostled sauces) was discounted for $5.90. I truly considered repurchasing two containers and carrying them to NYC with me where they normally sell for just shy of $9.

While there were heaps of brands on offer, there was likewise a tremendous scope of items under the Food Lion name.

I wasn’t utilized to a wide assortment of store-brand goods.Rachel Askinasi/Insider

I saw store-brand items going from frozen meatballs to drain containers to bundled pasta.

These items for the most part appeared to be estimated lower than the name-brand choices, however, that was reliant upon whether there was a deal.

The meatballs were highlighted in an island-type cold case, however, the store likewise had a broad cooler and fridge area.

There was a lot of coolers and fridges at this Food Lion.Rachel Askinasi/Insider

I’m accustomed to seeing a couple of walkways of coolers and fridges, however not as long as they were at this Charleston Food Lion.

Loaded up with the standard frozen products of the soil, frozen yogurt, frozen meals, and, obviously, french fries, I was dazzled with the number of these things that were likewise marked down.

With the coolers and dry products in the middle paths, areas for all the more new merchandise lined the dividers of the store. The first I saw was the pastry shop and store.

There was a choice of currently made foods.Rachel Askinasi/Insider

Straightforwardly to one side of the store’s entry, I saw a little segment of arranged food sources, which included prepared to-get, currently hot-seared chicken pieces. I see this in my nearby supermarkets too, so it felt recognizable.

This was important for the shop segment, where clients could arrange sandwiches and meats also.

Close to the chicken station was the bread shop. There were at that point made cakes accessible for buy in all shapes, sizes, and shadings, just as a station where you could arrange a custom cake.

I attempted one of the store’s plain vanilla sheet cakes for myself, and keeping in mind that I didn’t adore the sweet icing, I figured it would have been OK as the latest possible moment expansion to a festival.

As I proceeded with that right mass of the store, I saw the produce and flower areas.

The produce area was modestly estimated in contrast with others I’ve seen in more modest stores.Rachel Askinasi/Insider

Neither one of the segments was just about as predominantly great as the store’s dry-merchandise choices, however, I think there were still a lot of deals to make it worth your time and energy.

Close to the produce, along with the back mass of the store, there was the biggest assortment of bundled shop meats I’ve at any point seen.

I was overpowered with lunch meats.Rachel Askinasi/Insider

As far as I can tell with this one Food Lion area, bundled merchandise appears to be the place where the store’s capacity to give assortment truly sparkles.

There were a larger number of choices for bundled shop meats here than I’ve seen at different stores I’m accustomed to visiting.

Proceeding with the divider, there was a little dairy segment, and afterward the meat and fish area.

This was the new meat and fish section.Rachel Askinasi/Insider

Choices dwindled again when it came to milk and eggs – I visited Food Lion for the first time.

I additionally saw that this store didn’t have a butcher. All things being equal, it offered scope of as of now cut steaks, poultry, pork, and fish.

Strolling through the cooler and refrigeration area on the left divider, I saw a broad lager and wine segment in front of me – I visited Food Lion for the first time.

This part took up a portion of the retail facade area.Rachel Askinasi/Insider

Advancing back to the front, I went over a tremendous liquor area. The store was selling just lager, hard seltzer, and wine, however, that was all the while something I’m not used to in New York due to state laws – however, I have seen it in different pieces of the country.

While I love my little business sectors in New York, I left Food Lion wishing I had one nearer to home.

I visited Food Lion for the first time. I wish there was a more modest form in my home city.Rachel Askinasi/Insider

While certain divisions were more strong than others, and I in all actuality do cherish having the option to talk with a butcher during my shopping trips, I left Food Lion wishing I had a comparable choice by my condo in New York.

The number of deals joined with the degree of assortment was to the point of making me disappointed that this chain is just in 10 states.

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