Recipes: Knave cream

Recipes Knave cream

Recipes for Knave cream


1 kg knave
1/2 cup country margarin
3 m icing sugar
For cream
2 cups syllable milk
4 m starch1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cups water
1/2 lemon
m cream or cream shante powder
M Butter
M, P, Fanlia Bouder
For drinks.


  1. Cut the knife pieces y manually and put icing sugar and margarine on top and blend well.
  2. Put half of the kunafa in a lubed compartment and press with another holder well
  3. Set up the cream by putting starch and cream shante with the milk and blend on the chilly then on the fire mixing until decreased and cook add the spread and vanilla and mood killer
  4. Pour over the kunafa away from the letters so they don’t consume and allow them to cool and keep intact
  5. Put the remainder of the kunafa on top and press delicately the hard way
  6. Set up the sherbet by putting the sugar with water on the fire without bubbling mix until it bubbles add the lemon squeeze and let it cook for 10s and cool
  7. We go the kunafa broiler warmed 180 to brown
  8. Coordinate it while blistering with cold beverages and cover 5g and turn on a sun
  9. Leave it alone and cut – Knave cream.
  10. Ask 1,000 here at.

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