That’s why you eat oranges every day

That’s why you eat oranges every day

Winter fruit orange. Of course, this fruit is now available throughout the year in the country. With the onset of winter, new oranges began to appear in fruit shops.

A pair of oranges is the favorite fruit of everyone, big or small. Most people like to eat oranges directly. However, the number of people who eat juice is not less.

According to a report in the Times of India, Eating oranges as a direct fruit is more beneficial than juice. The main reason is the fiber in oranges. In addition to maintaining a good digestive system, fiber has many health benefits.
In addition, oranges have many biological properties.

Let’s find out now –

Vitamin C:
Vitamins are one of the most important ingredients for the health of the body.
And oranges are rich in vitamin C. An orange meets about 116.2 percent of the daily requirement of vitamin C. This vitamin reduces the risk of colon cancer.

Improved immunity:

The various nutrients in oranges improve the body’s immune system. Orange is also effective in treating problems like viral fever and ear infections. This fruit helps to keep the body strong all the time.

Skin health:

The anti-oxidant in orange protects the skin from free radical damage.
Free radical damage leaves aging marks on the skin.
This problem can be largely prevented by playing orange.
Playing an orange every day will make you look like a young woman in her fifties.

Regulates blood pressure:

In addition to vitamin C, oranges are rich in vitamin B6.
As a result, there is a sufficient supply of hemoglobin in the blood.
In addition, the presence of magnesium controls blood pressure.

Cholesterol levels:
According to researchers in the USA and Canada,
Citrus (citrus) results in a compound called Polymethoxylated flavones.
Which controls cholesterol to a greater extent than various drugs.

6. Blood sugar levels:

The fiber in oranges keeps blood sugar levels right.
It is an ideal fruit for patients with diabetes.
Because it contains the right amount of natural sugar.

Risk of cancer:

Due to the presence of vitamin D-limonene, orange fights various cancers.
This ingredient reduces the risk of lung cancer, skin cancer, and breast cancer.


Oranges contain alkaline minerals. It helps in the digestion of food.
Eating orange after eating will eliminate the problem of digestion.

Eye care:

Oranges are rich in carotenoids. As well as having vitamin A in it, it plays an important role in keeping the mucous membrane of the eye healthy. Playing orange reduces the risk of blindness. Orange is also effective in the problem of looking at extra light – That’s why you eat oranges every day.

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